Ducky One 2 Mini Cherry MX Brown RGB Mechanical Keybroad – White

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Full aluminum casing constructed of one solid piece of cast molded aluminum for extreme durability in a sleek design.
New RGB Interface The new interface allows you to now customize the RGB lighting via software while still being able to customize it manually without software on the physical keyboard
Genuine Cherry MX Brown Switches provide users with a distinguishable tactile bump to let you know exactly when your keystroke has been activated
Double Shot Keycaps Experience comfort and clarity with Duckys double shot molded keycaps made from PBT and ABS plastics. The absolute best keycaps for the office, casual use and for gaming
USB N-Key Rollover Have confidence in your keystrokes as ducky keyboards can handle any number of simultaneous key presses. This can also be switched to 6-Key Rollover
True RGB Backlighting Customize your backlighting with complete RGB customization. Use the single key function to map out zones, and choose the exact colour with Ducky’s RGB blending functions
Backlighting Effects Choose from an assortment of preset backlighting effects and adjust the speed of the animations to your liking
Ducky Macro V2.0 Remap your keyboard layout and save up to 6 profiles. Plus 3 implementation options and 6 record options
World Renowned Build Quality Above an beyond build quality with dual layer PCB (circuit board), SMD RGB lights soldered from the back and strong PBT plastics provide a solid unit with a longer life expectancy
Angle adjustment Flipping feet with rubber stoppers provide a firm platform at your desired angle
Detachable Cable Includes a detachable USB-C cable for easy transporation and replacement.

Tech Specsv

Structure Mechanical structure
Trigger switch Cherry MX mechanical switches
Connection interface USB 2.0
Keycap material ABS or PBT
Output key number USB N-Key Rollover
Printing technology Double-Shot or Laser Engraved
Dimensions 295 x 108 x 40 mm
Weight 827g