GLORIOUS Gateron Mechanical Keyboard Switches Black (x120 pieces) Cherry/Gateron/Kailh compatible

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Mechanical Keyboard Switches Glorious Gateron Black 120

Swamps are the heart of any mechanical keyboard and here Glorious comes together with Gateron the opportunity to change sweats at any time!

These mechanical switches are made by Gateron and are fully compatible with our Gateron Mechanical Keyboard base, with Gateron being the first manufacturer of mechanical switches that brings remarkable improvements compared to the original Cherry keys that dominate the market. The main difference between Gateron and Cherry sweats is that Gateron’s keys are much smoother and swollen are more tangible. It brings a whole new impressive and gaming experience and quickly increases its popularity among people using mechanical keyboards. The smoothness of every course of Gateron’s swamps can best be described as: dragging a hot knife through oil.
Gateron Swamps are fully SMD-LED compatible, MX (+) connection and have a nominal life of 50 million clicks. The switches are designed to be used with our Keyboard Glorious Mechanical but can be used with other keyboards and DIY projects.

  • Manufacturer: Gateron
  • Type Swich: Black
  • Compatible withGmmkkeyboards
  • Keyboards compatible using MX Sweaks
  • Compatible with MX caps
  • Plate Mounted
  • Transparent Corps of Swam
  • SMD LED compatible
  • Life: 50 million clicks


Warranty0 months
CompatibilityCherry-MX / Gateron / Kailh
Accessory typeSwitches for mechanical keyboards
Other120 pieces in the set